Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Open Letter to HisSide...

To my best friend, my ex-boyfriend, and my road dawg:

Your uncanny ability to "say too much" always leads to a heartache that you regret. From what I have learned, common wisdom says to "speak little and listen much."

You spend more time than you wish to admit talking down about others... including folks you've never met. Please tell me how you know that the woman standing on the corner must be a whore who cheats on her husband? Your unfounded judgments know no bounds, and your negative outlook isn't erased by your monthly statements that 'I'm a very positive person of faith.'

I find it increasingly difficult to enjoy my time around you, because your criticisms - about me and others - come more and more frequently. I find it difficult to deal with your negativity - much of which stems from personal issues that you choose to project onto others. I am the closest, so I receive the most fire.

You have a strong negative opinion about the people who don't like your demeanor. You claim 'they don't know you.' You dismiss their opinions as hogwash. Do you not realize that karma is knocking at your front door?

You are responsible for the aftermath of placing your mouth on the lives of others. When you talk at the rate of a teenage girl, you will eventually - almost always - encounter folks who tire of the over-the-top dialog.

More importantly, if you trespass on my property and get shot in the process - I won't apologize if you bleed to death on my lawn.

As the saying goes: Shouldn'ta-been-talkin'-shit.

Today we sat in a restaurant and I listened to you diss my mother about her relationship with her sisters. You went on and on, while my brain tried to compute: "Where did he earn the right to speak on such a thing?"

I took about 8 seconds of your time to ask the question, "So why is it that you don't ever call your own sister?" And yes, I added the footnote: "So shut the F*CK up."

You went off like a rocket about disrespect and the rights I don't have to talk about your family. You missed the priceless lesson that your dumb ass was doing the same thing.

I know you'll read this post. And I don't really care that you're offended. Clean-up your own shyt, and you'd be amazed at how little you have to say in criticism and judgment of others.

My advice for your usual critical and judgmental behavior remains the same:

"Shut the f*ck up. Smell your own shyt. You're on my property and I have a gun. TRESPASSING laws are in full effect..."

End rant. Back to life.

I (kinda) apologize to the blog followers who cheer for our happy ending but witness this bullshyt on the way...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dropping by my own crib to say hello and share a random bit...

I drive by this blog, peek out the side window, and speed off like I don't live here. The problem is... I DO live here, and I am neglecting the crib.

On any given day, I have loads to say. Those words simply haven't made it to this blog in 2 months. It's time to change that. Blogging is free therapy. Sharing my words with others make me accountable to myself. When I pen my thoughts, bullshit gets illuminated. Kinda like the the gems of time when you catch yourself giving advice to your kids that you haven't even applied to your own life.

I started reading a series on male promiscuity today. A friend sent the random link and I found myself engrossed in this man's take on the subject.

The series is still in progress. You can check it here while I continue to get my thoughts together:

Blog Name:
The Black Bond Blog

Links for the Series:
1. Intro Male Promiscuity

2. Male Promiscuity Part 2. How it Starts

3. Promiscuity Interlude: Apparently a warning that the rest will contain vividly graphic language.

It doesn't take long to figure out the reasons this blogger claims to have received hate mail. He doesn't mince a single word - which is a trait I tend to appreciate as others may loathe.

Enjoy. (Or Not) hehe